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Trapped Loco

This page describes how to move a loco from the rear to the front of a train without using a run around loop. The process relies on a electrical break (isolating section) in the rails in order to separate the train loco from the pilot loco, if you are working in DC. If you are working with Digital Command Control, this part of the process is not required.
Step 1 - The train approaches the platform, slowing to a stop
Step 2 - The train stops at the platform, and the switch is made - a break in the rail allows the blue loco to be electrically isolated from the rest of the line, ensuring that 2 trains do not run at once
Step 3 - The station pilot (green loco) runs onto the rear of the train, while the blue loco is uncoupled
Step 4 - The pilot loco draws forward away from the blue loco
Step 5 - The pilot loco pushes the coaches back into the second siding, and after this the electrical break in the top siding is restored
Step 6 - The pilot loco is retired to the lower siding
Step 7 - The blue loco runs back to the rear of the train, and is ready to depart in the opposite direction

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