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This page describes how to shunt 3 coaches into reverse order, and set off in the opposite direction. This would occur in marshalling yards and sometimes at station platforms where a different arrangement of coaches was required.
Step 1 - The train approaches the loop, slowing to a stop
Step 2 - The train stops in between the two loops, allowing room for the loco to run around 
Step 3 - The loco runs around the train via the other side of the loop
Step 4 - The rearmost coach is detached from the others, and shunted into the lower loop
Step 5 - The loco runs back to the upper loop to collect the second coach
Step 6 - The second coach, as with the first, is moved from the upper to lower loop
Step 7 - The loco runs back again to the upper loop to collect the dark grey coach
Step 8 - After moving the dark grey coach to the lower loop, the train is ready to depart again in the opposite direction

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