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10x3 Picton


Submitted by Charles Ely


Picton is the Northern terminus of the 3' 6" gauge, Main North Line between Christchurch and Picton, on the South Island of New Zealand. The Picton Ferry Terminal provides continuing passenger and rail service between Picton and Wellingon via the Interislander ferries. The ferries, Arahura and the Aratere have rail decks, holding 60 wagons each.,_New_Zealand


This is a Z scale layout using Rokuhan track and a Marklin turntable. It is 3 meters wide, 1/2 meter deep on a 10cm grid. The ferry, as modeled, holds 16 wagons.


The Yardmaster's primary responsibility is to work the ferry in a timely manner. In addition, the Yardmaster breaks down northbound freight trains and builds southbound freight trains...while staying out of the way of the passenger trains. The Incoming yard receives all the wagons from the ferry. The Outgoing yard holds all the wagons that will be loaded on the ferry. The Working yard holds wagons that have not been dispatched to another location. In addition, all locomotives have to be turned to return to Christchurch. All in all, a very busy place.


Operations can be simple or complex. For example, the ferry load has to be balanced. Loaded and empty wagons have to be evenly distributed. Passenger trains from an earlier era had a baggage car behind the locomotive. In addition to turning the locomotive the baggage car has to be moved to the other end of the string of coaches. If you choose to eliminate the elevated roadway, there is room for a classification yard, between the Arrival/Departure track and the yard.

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