Free Track Plans for your Model Railway
10x2 Rayning Revised
Submitted by Richard Lee
This is an improved and extended version of my own first layout. It consists of a small, branch-line terminus of the steam era with a fiddle yard. It can take up to two passenger coaches, and short goods trains, with tank engines providing the motive power. The branch is single track, with one locomotive under steam, allowing the running line to be used as a head-shunt.
The track plan is fictitious, but would be either rural, or perhaps serving a small seaside settlement. A seaside location would allow a wider variety of passenger stock, for instance, through coaches from mainline trains. I envisage it as being either Southern Railway or Great Western, but it could be anywhere.
Although there is nothing to stop the layout being used for DCC, it would cope with DC running very easily. For DC, I suggest plenty of track feeds to the scenic area. The only isolated sections needed are the fiddle yard sidings.

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