Free Track Plans for your Model Railway
8x5 Walsworth Central
Submitted by Kebang
The layout should be viewed from the bottom edge. The storage loops are hidden by the backscene, but open for very easy access. The terraced houses are in low relief.
Operationally access is needed from the top, bottom and left side to keep everything within easy reach. The station has 5 passenger platforms & 4 of the platforms can accommodate 4 coach DMUs. There are separate goods handling facilities in the South. There is a goods yard with a head shunt, a 3 road engine shed plus an extra cripple road. A couple of carriage sidings of decent length are also provided.
The distance from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ is 85 inches. Usually inclines of 25:1 would not be used, but as this is the descent track we can probably get away with it! The distance from point ‘C’ to ‘D’ is a more comfortable 122 inches, an incline of over around that 35:1 which ascending trains should manage, even allowing for the standing start from the storage loops.
These inclines could be lessened by over 50% if one was to elevate the top layer on the left side by 2 inches, whilst lowering the bottom layer on the left side by 2 inches. I would be wary of doing this as all rolling stock not coupled to a loco could runaway downhill from the goods sidings, carriage sidings and platform roads.

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