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7x3 Cargo Port
Submitted by Charles Ely
This hollow core door layout is a temporary seaport from the WW II era. I created it using KATO N scale Unitrack. Visually, this layout is dominated by the Tramp Steamer. All the curves are eased with 19" (481mm) curved pieces into 12.4" (315mm) curved pieces, which is very generous for a shunting layout.
Full goods wagons arrive and empty goods wagons depart at the Interchange/Fiddle Yard. A few full wagons are forwarded directly to the dock, some to temporary storage, some to cold storage, some to the transfer shed, some to the oil track, and some to the coal track. Of course, goods in storage has to eventually get to the dock, so there are quite a few flat cars that stay on the layout.
The Coaling Station is based on an old photograph. Coal is shoveled from the gondola into the buckets. Full buckets are swung over and dumped into the tender. The coaling platform is an old flat car with light weight tracks mounted on top.

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