Free Track Plans for your Model Railway
3.5x3.5 One Metre
Submitted by Charles Ely
This DCC, Z scale layout is only 1 meter wide and 1 meter deep, yet contains 13.73 meters of track. It demonstrates the kind of compression that can be achieved with curved turnouts.
Operations get ‘interesting’ when there are several trains on the layout at the same time. When operating more than one train, keep them short (less than 91 scale meters) or you might have to learn how to execute a ‘double saw-by’. The passenger train to the mountain station includes two empty freight wagons which are dropped at the mountain yard. The shunter, that stays in the mountain yard, works the yard and places full freight wagons on the siding for the passenger train to pick up on the way back down. The contents of the full wagons are transferred to the river barge when this train stops on the dock track of the country station.

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