Free Track Plans for your Model Railway
15x8 Cebuan Dumbell
Submitted by Kebang
Another attempt, this time a plan to fit in the garage & still leave space to house the car.
Again this is a dumbell plan with 2 terminals & a passing station. The passing station can be used by passengers to change lines. The 2 terminals both have goods sheds giving an excuse for freight traffic.
Operationally it is an ‘End to End’, an ‘Out & Back’ (from either terminal) and a continuous run using the dumbell loop. The layout is drawn so all the points are within easy reach of the operator so if you do not wish to motorise them they are quickly & easily operated by hand. Although it is a dumbbell, only one reverse loop is involved which means only one rev loop decoder to buy (at over 30 pounds each they are not cheap). Alternatively use a double pole double throw switch to control the rev loop – it is long enough that there should be plenty of time for even a single operator to throw it.

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