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12x3 Oberbayerndorf
Submitted by Gary, Sydney
The small town of Oberbayerndorf nestles in the foothills of Germany's southern alps, in the region known to English-speakers as Upper Bavaria. Only a couple of hours travel from Munich, by car or train, it has long been a summer holiday destination for those who enjoy outdoor pursuits such as hiking and fishing. Until about 50 years ago the charming little town slumbered peacefully through the winters, until an enterprising resident recognised that in the shallow lake just outside the town was a potential source of revenue.
The residents had always enjoyed skating on the Oberbayernsee when the winters came to freeze it over. What our enterprising resident saw was that the lake lay in a natural bowl that that could easily be adapted as an outdoor theatre. He was also a man with a natural theatrical bent and it didn't take him long to convince the people who counted to start mounting tableau and pantomimes on ice. In 10 years the shows had become very popular, giving the local economy something more than the summer holiday business, the local dairies and the small sawmill.
The railway first came to Oberbayerndorf in 1902, just two years after it reached nearby Oberammergau. Like the line to that town, the Oberbayerndorf Bahn (or OB for short) was electrified from the start, and like it the new E69 electric locos were employed on it. Unlike it's more famous neighbour, which only wakes up every 10 years, the annual spectacles on ice kept the level of traffic on the OB high enough to convince DB not to close or significantly downgrade it.
The layout as presented needs a 12' by 3' board. I have drawn up the plan based on Hornby OO sectional track. For those who insist on catenary, Viessmann and Sommerfeldt both make DB-style catenary in HO. I envisage the layout as set in the 1970s or 80s with through trains from Munich in the form of EMUs or ocean blue and cream electric locos in push-pull configuration. Monthly fan trips from the Bavarian capital are run in Thunderbox or Silberlinge coaches pulled by E69s, all five of which have been preserved. Three short freight trains are run up the line each week to serve the highly regarded local dairies and the sawmill, as well as general freight.
Platform 1 (see the plan) was the original and only platform until the 1970s, when the winter ice shows awoke a much higher demand for passenger travel. In response Platform 2 was built to initially serve the push-pull trains and later the EMUs that DB assigned to the line.
The scenery would be sub-alpine, with buildings suitable for a small Bavarian town near the station. An alpine backdrop scene could be applied to the scenic divider (the red line). In this case it would be quite realistic for the line to disappear into a tunnel on the way to the two-track fiddle yard. As kebang suggested for the Crookwell layout, this plan could easily be adapted to an L shape.
This plan was inspired, but does not replicate, an Oberammergau layout in a MIBA layout planning booklet.

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