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9x6 Whitcliffe End
Submitted by Coffers
A simple end to end layout, here we have Whitcliffe End a once thriving port that now acts as a small holiday resort serving the inland town of Whitside. Whitcliffe End was noted for its fishing industry and timber yards which acted as a distribution centre for timber imported from Scandinavia. Its clean golden sands under the nearby sea cliffs have been an attraction since Victorian times. Although trade in all areas has dropped off somewhat since its heyday, it is still a popular day tripper destination for the workforce from Whitside looking to enjoy their leisure time when they can.
It was the tourist traffic that saved the line from the Beeching cuts in the 1960's, and the port still sees the occassional ship offloading timber for onward distribution via Whitside. The marshy land surrounding the River Whit has always been an obstacle, which only the powerful rail barons were prepared to overcome in days gone-by; now that trade has dropped off no-one seems to keen to build road bridges near the coast, as the cost would far outweigh the benefits, so the railway has become the prime mode of transport between the two towns, unless motorists prefer to take a long detour for the convenience of using their car.
The two stations now see a steady flow of mainly single or two car DMUs. Occasional goods trains are headed by class 20s and various other diesel locos that take your fancy. All track is Hornby Setrack Code 100 apart from the double slip points at which are Peco Streamline 100.

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