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8x5 The Chiemseebahn
Submitted by Gary, Sydney
This actual real live metre gauge line extends 1.9 kilometres, down a 2.5% grade, from the DB station at Prien am Chiemsee (on the main line from Munich to Salzburg) to the shores of the beautiful Chiemsee, which is set amongst the mountains that form the border between Austria and Bavaria. It was built in 1887 for the express purpose (pun not intended - the trains run at about 15 km/h) of taking holidaymakers from the station to the jetty where the lake cruise boats still dock.
The line runs partly along and across the streets of the small town and partly on a private right of way. It has two small locos - a steam tram and a diesel with a body built to look like a steam tank loco. The steam tram is used at the weekends. Passengers are carried in small 4-wheel open-sided coaches. Both locos and all the coaches are painted green. The line is owned by the company that operates the lake boats.
The plan has been drawn up using Bemo HOm Standard track. The longer straights are flextrack. The board size is 8' by 5', but it could be made narrower. The grey rectangle is an access aisle.
The real Chiemseebahn only has five turnouts, but the plan shows seven. There is, or used to be, a small transfer table serving a three-track workshop/shed at Prein am Stock (the lakeside end of the line). I show the transfer table as optional because as far as I could find out no-one makes one in HOm. The workshop/shed was demolished in 2010 (I don't know if the table was removed).
Suitable locos and coaches might well be made by one of the German makers - eg Bemo, Lilliput etc. There are a few websites with information and photos of the line - just Google Chiemseebahn. This would be very much a layout for the detail enthusiast!

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