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8x4.5 Balmoral Tramway
Submitted by Gary, Sydney
Not the Balmoral you might think of immediately, but rather the Sydney harbourside suburb of the same name, which sort of and rather loosely inspired this flight of fancy. And fancy it is too - the only part of the Sydney Balmoral represented in this layout is the line winding it's way up a steep hill from the harbourside. There is in fact no station there, the tram line is no more and tacky shops could not afford the rentals in very much up-market Balmoral.
Other sources and influences, apart from too much coffee? The Corniche in Marseilles perhaps, or the seaside of Brighton.
The track library I used is labelled "MBT Hof Tramline HO", which I'd never heard of but which is alive and well and made in Nuremburg. They don't seem to make the overhead wires, but HO scale tram catenary is made by Sommerfeldt.

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