Free Track Plans for your Model Railway
6x4 Bohol Micro Dumbell
Submitted by Kebang
Here's another 6x4 I've just doodled. I really don't like plans with 1st radius curves so I set myself the task of a 6x4 entry with at least 2nd radius curves.
This is, as you can see, a dumbell layout which can be used as an out and back, an end to end and also a continuous loop. I've also managed to fit a goods shed in so there is an excuse for frieght traffic. The left half of the layout, as you look at it, appears to be double track and it is perfectly possible to observe proper protocol and keep to the correct trrack when using this section.
No space (or points left over!) for a run around so again we are looking at DMUs, Voyagers, Pendolinos, 125s & the like.
In my opinion this would be a good next step from the train set to a more developed model railway.

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