Free Track Plans for your Model Railway
6x4 Lesser Pelfe
Submitted by Gary, Sydney
Many of you will be familiar with the village of Greater Pelfe in Midsomer County, but few people seem to be aware of its neighbour, Lesser Pelfe. This is a little surprising, as it is the centre of rich farmland, justifiably famous for its dairy and beef herds. In fact the local dairy industry became so highly regarded that the Bonneville Cocoa Company set up a factory there to make their world-famous chocolate.
The district is served by a single track line which carries infrequent passenger and goods services. The motive power consists of either steam tank locos (eg 0-4-4T or 2-6-4T) or diesel shunters (eg Class 08) and maybe a DMU set if you wanted to set the layout in the 60s or 70s. The line was never electrified. The rolling stock could consist of a few short coaches, some cattle and refrigerated wagons, plus a few open and van-type wagons. All the goods wagons would be the 2-axle type.
Hornby OO sectional track has been used, with five turnouts. A total of seven semaphore signals are indicated, but you could have less than that, or none at all.

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