Free Track Plans for your Model Railway
4x4 Fisherman’s Wharfe
Submitted by Kebang
The layout is divided into 2 scenes by the scenic break. One scene depicts a working quay and a small single line station, where the platform could be re-sited between the main oval and the siding to provide a through station with a terminal bay if required. The other scene depicts an island station large enough to cope with a standard 2 coach train. The loco can run around the train at this station. Alternatively it is an ideal location for loco interchange. At the station is a loco shed with watering & coaling facilities. A new 'refreshed' engine can take over the train duties allowing the 'old' engine to use the refueling facilities. Once the station tracks are clear an engine from this shed can visit the industrial site (also at this scene) to retrieve trucks and release a loco which otherwise would have to reverse the train out.
The industry can be anything you like but it makes sense for it to be one which needs the services of the quay in the other scene.

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