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8x6 Wychway
Submitted by Coffers
This plan is partly based on the end to end with continuous loop idea but this one requires a reversal out of the central lower level station in order to travel between the two branch lines.
I think this could be based in the transition era as one brach terminous has a run around loop, but the other requires a station pilot to extracate a steam train out of the bay platform. Alternatively it could be based post steam with DMU/EMU units opearting between stations. The branch stations are based at a higher level than the continous loops, currently 5" above, which makes for steep climbs from the main loop level (max 7%, I know it's steep). reducing the height to about 4" would reduce the gradients.

Where do I see this operating, possibly in some imaginary valley in any region with the two branch lines being on opposite sides of the valley. The branch stations could serve rural mining or agricultural communities whilst the mainline valley floor station and freight yards serve to move goods and stock onwards to other destinations.

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