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8x6 Queenstown Junction
Submitted by Dave
This layout is based on an this Australian (or could be American if that floats your boat) themed branch line built somewhere just beyond the Blue Mountains of New South Wales. The thirsty inhabitants of Wantapinta agitated for a railway in the early days of railways in New South Wales but it was the discovery of coal in the nearby valley of Queenstown that saw the railway open to that location and after much lobbying through to Wantapinta in 1893. The branch was not going to be built but thanks to the intervention of Senator Watt Derhell (and the fact the not so good citizens of Wantapinta were holding his wife ransom).

The passenger service – one morning and one evening – is operated by a class 620/720 railcar combination. Local freight would be in the hands of a 48 class with coal trains handled by something more powerful such as 81 class locomotives.

Passenger trains depart the fiddle yard and climb up to Queenstown Junction. The station is several miles from the settlement of Queenstown but there is a siding here for occasional cattle traffic. A branch from the local mine comes in here and coal trains often run round here. After departure the line passes through a short tunnel and the train arrives at Wantapinta. There is a silo here for local grain traffic as well as a general goods siding.

In terms of the model a line of trees acts as a visual break between the mine and the station. The branch could possibly be configured slightly differently to allow a bit more operating space.

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