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8x6 Rayfield Cornhill
Submitted by Dave
The main line falls away once it hits the curve passing under the engine shed bridge and then entering a long dank cutting you see approaching so many city stations - Birmingham New street, Euston, Liverpool Street. The mysterious rooms and buildings around the latter have fascinated me for years. What were they all for? The line then drops into a fiddle yard under the main station. You could probably fit a station along the bottom section as well -I like the idea of island platforms like that seen at St Johns near Lewisham (my local station for some years).

The branch starts to rise after clearing the throat of the main line station - should give it a name.......Rayfield Cornhill and after passing the Engine shed junction continues into a small terminus. the service is largely DMU operated but a nearby naval base still sees occasional leave trains consisting of tank engines and 3-car sets. The goods yard hangs on with a relatively healthy coal business and seasonal fruit and veg for the local market.

There is a small yard adjacent to Cornhill which I have has marked as goods but could be parcels to add another type of traffic to this scenario. The middle road between the platforms could be used as a carriage siding.

The idea of the long facing crossover was to stand a pilot engine ready to release the engines that have arrived. There is also further opportunity to develop the engine shed site.

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