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8x6 Padstow
Submitted by Coffers
It's a prototype of Padstow circa 1900 to maybe the 2nd World War years, so pre-grouping it came under the banner of LSWR and post grouping it came under the banner of Southern Railways. It's based on a larger prototype I drew up from another plan I had seen on rmweb. This design has been squashed up somewhat to make it fit the dimensions set for the competition, and fiddle yards have been used to fill out the area, though I guess the reverse loop around those yards could be used for another station.

I have taken the liberty of using Hornby Flexi-track to fit some of the 'oddly' angled tracks. Each square is 12" x 12" on both diagrams.
Here's the layout, followed by my original prototype that it was based on:

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