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8x6 Modified Minories
Submitted by Gary
Possibly the most popular of all the layouts created by C.J. Freezer was "Minories". Follow this link to find out more about Cyril Freezer, this iconic layout and a sketch plan of the original form:

This is my attempt at adapting Minories to an 8' by 6' baseboard for the competition. The layout uses standard Hornby 00 sectional track. The light grey track is meant to be hidden.

This layout could represent a major branch terminus virtually anywhere. Although shown as single track, you could argue that it used to be a double track line until the Beeching reforms. If I were to build this layout myself it'd be set in the 60s, with DMUs or EMUs mixed in with diesel or electric loco hauled passenger trains. The area is served by infrequent short goods trains.

I call this layout "Modified Minories" - the original didn't include engine or goods sheds, or any kind of fiddle yard.

The numbers indicate:

1. Platforms.
2. Station building.
3. Post Office depot. Did such things exist in the 1960s? Who cares - it makes for another shunting opportunity ("Never let the prototype get in the way of a good layout").
4. Engine shed. There'd be enough room for a turntable if you wanted to include one.
5. Goods shed.
6. Town area.

The three parallel hidden tracks at the bottom are meant to be a fiddle yard. This could be in a wide variety of formats, including a two or three track return loop.

A total of nine semaphore signals are indicated, but you could leave them out, have fewer or add more. Signalling is like spice in a dish - all up to your own personal taste. On second thoughts I'd probably have colour light signals.

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