Free Track Plans for your Model Railway
8x6 Rabbits
Submitted by Gary
This competition entry is based on the "Rabbits" layout published many years ago by the late and much lamented Cyril J. Freezer. He drew up his layout as narrow gauge, but I have adapted it to 00 standard gauge. The idea, like CJF's layout, is purely for fun.

The numbered features are:

1. Station building on curved platform.
2. Good shed.
3. Small halt-type station.
4. Ruined abbey on hilltop.
5. Siding.
6. Level crossing.
7. High arched stone viaduct (the grey track).
8. Tunnel entrance (four of them). The dark track indicates the two tunnels.

Trains would be short, due to the wickedly steep grades and sharp curves, and can be whatever you like. I have indicated six signals, but you could have more or fewer.

The geography would be surreal, with almost impossibly steep hillsides dotted with trees, and craggy peaks. There could be a tiny village somewhere, if you think you could fit it in.

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