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8x6 Gyppeswyck Docks
Submitted by Dave
This layout has been inspired by my home town's now defunct dock system. Ipswich Docks in the UK was home to a variety of steam locomotives including J70 Tram engines and was also home to some of BR's early diesel shunters. Hunslets D2950-D2952 all started their career in the dock area and classes 03, 04 and 05 all worked the docks before the inevitable 08s took over.

The operator stands in the central well area and mainline freight trains operate between the fiddle yard (hidden by buildings) and the Exchange Yard. Main line locomotives are permitted to shunt back into the terminal itself whilst other traffic for the docks – mostly agricultural in nature along with scrap – is taken into the dock area itself by either a local shunting engine or a GPA (Gypeswyck Port Authority) locomotive.

I have tried to introduce a 'hemmed in' feeling with a number of spur lines and would place buildings to break up sight lines. The line would be BR Eastern Region probably around 1960 with a set of early diesels although if my history is correct freightliner traffic did not start until later in the decade! But hey that's the good thing about a prototype. The GPA might still employ an industrial steam loco as well for some variety and the excuse for the odd coal wagon floating around the layout.

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