Free Track Plans for your Model Railway
8x4 Two Reverse Loops
Minimum radius = 2nd radius
Submitted by Kebang on the Free Track Plans Forum, this layout involves two levels, two stations, two reverse loops, and about as much track as you can squeeze into 8x4! The two reverse loops can be controlled by DCC modules, or using switches if DC is your thing. Alternatively, the crossover at the station entrance (and at the diamond crossing) can be omitted, providing a long continuous run.
Hidden tracks on the bottom layer and are shown as dotted lines, whilst reverse loop sections are shown in blue. Whilst the two sidings at the top of the large station cannot be accessed without reversing in, these are best used for freight trains that can rearrange wagons in these sidings. Passenger services would use the lower part of the station, where a run-round loop allows out-and-back operation.

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