Free Track Plans for your Model Railway
8x4 Flyover
Minimum radius = 1st radius
This layout offers a bit of a departure from the standard oval, and should provide plenty of opportunities for interesting scenic work. I’d envisage either a maze of industrial streets and hard standing (something like the roads around Trafford Park) or a mountainous region with plenty of short freight trains buzzing around.
The wiring is fairly simple, despite the complicated layout - one power clip at point 'P' is sufficient. Two loops exist, dividing at point 'A' and coming together again at point 'B'. Train 1 is stored on the loop marked '1' when train 2 is running, and train 2 is stored at point '2' while train 1 runs around. Loop 1 is shorter than loop 2, with loop 2 incorporating the 'flyover' part of the track plan. With only short sections of 1st radius track, the layout should be usable by most ready-to-run locomotives. 

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