Free Track Plans for your Model Railway
6x1 City Freight

Minimum radius = 2nd radius

With a short train of wagons, a loco could arrive from behind the backscene loco first to stop at the platform, before drawing the train out onto the loop and running round. Once the wagons have been backed into the platform again (possibly after some shunting) the train is ready to depart again. The introduction of a Class 153 by Hornby means that passenger operation is possible even on a layout this small, but if steam is your thing then maybe a GWR 14XX and railcar would also fit the bill. Otherwise, the layout is once again crammed full of track, with an arrangement of three short sidings to the top left and a passing loop on the lower part of the layout. The hidden area to the top right allows manual rearranging of loco and wagons!

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