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6x2 Ilkley
Minimum radius = 2nd radius
Having grown up in Ilkley, the station layout is a familiar one, and I had to add it to the database even if it less ambitious than Marylebone! Two crossovers (in a style similar to Cyril Freezer's minories plan) enable commuter trains to switch running lines just outside the station, and you might even justify the shunting of some mail vans if 1960s operation is your thing.
The layout is most interesting in terms of the station building, which used to run through Ilkley to Skipton via Bolton Abbey. This part of the station, now converted to a car park, could be modelled in a disused state (or even brought back to life) on the upper part of the plan. A quick internet search for old photos of Ilkley station might provide more inspiration than the simple track layout!

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