Free Track Plans for your Model Railway
10x8 Shotton
Minimum radius  = 2nd radius
Shotton Steelworks is located in Deeside, in the very north-east corner of Wales. Here there are two freight terminals within a few hundred metres of each other, with a steelworks and paper plant connected by rail to the Liverpool – Wrexham line. This trackplan mirrors the distinctive layout of the steelworks, although it does require a reverse loop section to be installed, shown in blue – this needs either a polarity switch or a dedicated DCC switch. Two access holes are provided meaning that all track is within arm’s reach, and a fiddleyard section to the lower left corner provides storage space for 3 or 4 freight trains. Rolling stock should include steel wagons from your chosen era, with heavy freight locos (such as Class 37s, 47s and 60s in the 1990s) providing the power. A Class 08 could also be used to handle slow shunting movements.

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